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Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR)

The below list of physicians who are engaged in care redesign with a Northwell Health hospital through the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) program. Under these agreements, hospital and collaborating physicians may share payments received from Medicare as a result of reduced episode spending and hospital internal cost savings. 

Physicians seeking to be CJR collaborators must be in compliance with all Medicare provider enrollment requirements, maintain patients that are qualified beneficiaries whose care generates CJR savings, and achieve two out of three or three out of five of the quality performance metrics per applicable performance period. The quality performance metrics, which shall directly relate to episodes of care, shall be determined by the hospital and set forth in a hospital policy.

For more information about the CJR program, please visit


Dr. Adam Bitterman
Dr. Alexander Finger
Dr. Ariel Goldman
Dr. Aruna Seneviratne
Dr. Ayal Segal
Dr. Barry Kleeman
Dr. Barry Simonson
Dr. Baruch Toledano
Dr. Benjamin Bedford
Dr. Brian Kincaid
Dr. Bruce Seideman
Dr. Chris Moros
Dr. Claudette Lajam
Dr. Corey Burak
Dr. Elias Kassapidis
Dr. Eric Manoff
Dr. Eugene Krauss
Dr. Evan Schwartz
Dr. Firas Chamas
Dr. Fred Carter
Dr. Fred Cushner
Dr. Geoffrey Phillips
Dr. Giles Scuderi
Dr. Gregory Galano
Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis
Dr. Hamid Mostafavi
Dr. Irwin Enker
Dr. Itchak Schwarzbard
Dr. Jahanshah Roofeh
Dr. James Henry
Dr. James Kipnis
Dr. Jason Hochfelder
Dr. Jay Simoncic
Dr. Jeffrey Richmond
Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro
Dr. John Xethalis
Dr. Jonathan Mallen
Dr. Jorge Baez
Dr. Joshua Steinvurzel
Dr. Jules Hip-Flores
Dr. Keith Reinhardt
Dr. Matthew Hepinstall
Dr. Maury Harris
Dr. Michael Angel
Dr. Michael Linn
Dr. Michael Nett
Dr. Nabil Farakh
Dr. Nakul Karkare
Dr. Neil Watnik
Dr. Nicholas Sgaglione
Dr. Paul Dicpinigaitis
Dr. Randy Cohn
Dr. Raz Winiarsky
Dr. Richard Bochner
Dr. Richard McCormack
Dr. Richard Ritter
Dr. Richard Seldes
Dr. Ronald Light
Dr. Rupesh Tarwala
Dr. Samuel Hoisington
Dr. Samuel Kenan
Dr. Scott Alpert
Dr. Sean Thompson
Dr. Sreevathsa Boraiah
Dr. Stanley Asnis
Dr. Stephen Nicholas
Dr. Vincent Leone
Dr. William Healy
Dr. Yevgeniy Korshunov