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For our patients, we offer private and semi-private rooms, all nonsmoking. As rooms become available, they are assigned to patients. If you request a private room, a Patient Access Services representative will review any additional cost details with you before assigning the room to you. 

For your comfort, you may adjust your room’s temperature with the unit located below the window. The remote control devices that are accessible from your bed allow you to:

  • Raise or lower the lights over your headboard
  • Control your TV
  • Change the position of your bed
  • Call your nurse

While you are a patient here, we recommend the following:

  • Please do not get out of bed by yourself or leave your room without your doctor’s permission. 
  • If you do get out of bed, first make sure the bed is in the lowest position.
  • If you leave your room, please let the nursing staff know where you are. 
  • Please do not leave the unit unless you are with a staff member.
  • Patients whose heart activity is being monitored through telemetry must remain on their unit. The technology will stop working if you leave the unit.
  • Please do not get in or out of a wheelchair without help. Be sure that the brakes are locked when you are getting in or out of the wheelchair.

In-room televisions

For our patients’ entertainment, we offer television service at a reasonable rate. To learn more and order service, call (516) 968-2239. 

We offer:

  • Basic and premium cable channels
  • Movies
  • All closed-captioned programming for the hearing impaired
  • Free hospital information, education and relaxation videos on demand through pCare

Use of electrical appliances

You may use only battery-operated devices in your room.

Electrical appliances that are not permitted include:

  • Electric razors
  • Hair dryers
  • Fans
  • Clocks
  • Radios
  • TVs, other than the one that is installed